At a young age, your child gets their habits from their parents. So if you teach them a lot of good things, they can learn to make it a significant part of their lives, and maybe even carry it on when they’re adults. And one of the best things you can teach your child is to take care of their health, eat healthy and stay fit. What’s the best way to teach kids about fitness?

Make food fun
One of the most difficult things to do is to teach children how to eat healthy. You rarely see a child choose vegetables over mac and cheese, right? What the best thing to do? Make food fun. Thrown in some carrots and broccoli in the mac and cheese. Make cute and fun food designs combining their favorite and healthy foods. How about a lunch that look like a panda? Or a meal which look like the logo of their favorite superhero? That way, they’ll know that healthy food isn’t boring and eating it does not have to be a task. Furthermore, encourage them to drink more water, regardless if they are active or not.

Be clever with fitness
Fitness activities do not have to seem like boot camp for kids. It should feel as normal, and as fun, as possible. So be clever with fitness. Take your kids outside and teach them how to jump rope. Play catch or tag, Frisbee or even a sport. Kids will get fit while having fun in the process, they also look forward to the next play session.

Forget about technology
It’s not just adults who have a fixation for technology, television, the Internet and social media, kids are also being influenced. Although technology has certainly made our lives easier, it has made a lot of people less active physically. And kids can pick up on that even at an early age. Make it a point to turn off digital devices like tablets, computers, smartphones and television and encourage children to play and explore.

Do it as a family
Bonding time isn’t just about going to the mall or watching movies. It can be about being fit. How about biking together? Running or brisk walking on the park? Being with family makes the activity more fun for children. Don’t be surprised if they start to look forward to more family activities. After all, kids crave structure and bonding moments.

Get them new gear
Kids get excited when they have new stuff. It makes them curious. It makes them more acceptable to new things. Nowadays, even big brands like Reebok, have shoes and clothes for kids who want to engage in sports or be active. The kiddie gears have the same benefits as its adult counterparts, so you know children are taken care of. The funky designs and colors also appeal to children. You can check out a Reebok shop online if you want to know more.

Encourage your kids to join events in school
Schools offer a lot of sports and activities which help kids to be more active. Encourage your kids to join and support them as they participate. Also, look for neighborhood activities your children can participate in.

Be a role model
The best way to teach kids about fitness is by being a role model. Show your kids how you enjoy being fit. Show them you’re eating the healthy foods which you’re suggesting to them. Children learn not just by experience but from the important people in their lives. So if they see how significant fitness is, they will be more encouraged to participate. Be a role model for your kids to emulate.

Finally, be supportive, positive and patient. You can’t force your kids to eat healthy or enjoy exercise. Otherwise, they will learn to dislike the idea.