Proper hygiene and a germ free environment are essential to your baby’s health. Taking good care of your new infant’s laundry is important to ensure that your baby stays healthy and happy. So, the question is, is it safe to use fabric softener on your little one’s clothes? You have to keep in mind that your baby’s skin is very sensitive and that it is common for them to get skin allergies that can be caused by the ingredients in laundry detergents and softeners. Even a minor skin allergy will make your little one feel uncomfortable. Avoid any detergents or softeners that can be harmful. Avoid detergents and baby fabric softener that use perfumes or dyes. Rinse your baby’s clothes thoroughly to ensure that no residue is left. If your baby has allergies, you can rinse baby clothes twice to ensure that all of the detergent has been washed out completely. Keep in mind that liquid fabric detergents and liquid fabric softeners are easier to rinse out than powder detergents or detergents that also include softener.

As with detergents, fabric softeners can irritate your baby’s skin. You can use a baby safe fabric softener on clothes that is safe for your baby’s skin, but a fragrance free or dye free fabric softener, that you can use for the whole family, is a much better choice. Wash your family’s laundry in the same detergent and softener that you use for your baby’s clothes. You have to keep in mind that your baby comes into contact with you and your family’s clothes as well, so it is important that all clothes are washed in a detergent and softener that are safe for your little one.

All baby clothes should be washed before use as germs and harmful chemicals in the fabric can cause diseases and skin allergies. Buy a mesh bag for all those tiny items that tend to get lost in the wash, such as socks, booties and mittens. Fasten all of the buttons and clips and turn all garments inside out to avoid the clothes getting damaged in the wash. Read the labels on baby clothes carefully and follow the instructions. Wash the clothes in cold or luke warm water as hot water is harsher on fabrics and can cause clothing to shrink. Many mothers hang baby clothes inside to avoid sun damage, but hanging baby clothes outside in the sun also helps to get rid of germs and improves the smell. However, don’t leave them on the washing line too long as the sun can also damage the fabric and cause the colors to fade.

There is also a belief that it is better to dry baby clothes in a drier as the heat will sanitize the clothes. Whatever drying method you swear by, always ensure that baby’s clothes are properly dry before folding and packing them away, as germs can breed in moist clothing.