Is there anything quite like a weekend in the sunshine? A braai, a few ice cold beers and ciders, a couple of friends and their kids that’s the good life. If you are playing host or hostess for your friends and their kids for the day, or if you simply have a busybody or two of your own who you would like to get out into the sunshine, these outdoor summer kids games are sure to tickle the fancy of any kid.

Water Activities

A day at the beach or by the pool is, of course, the South African dream, but if you have access to neither, or would like to make the day a little bit more interesting, a fun water activity or two will break the heat and put a grin on the face of every child (and possibly every adult) in the vicinity.

Water Balloon Pinata: As easy as it sounds, you simply fill a couple of balloons with water, string them up, hand the kids a cricket or softball bat, and let them have at it (with supervision, of course).

How Low Can You Go: A fun variation on the old favourite, all that you need is a hose with a ‘spray gun’ attachment. The stream of water serves as the ‘pole’, with the object of the game being for kids to cross under the stream without getting wet the more the stream is lowered, the harder it will get, until a winner emerges.

Sponge Dodgeball: Pretty self explanatory, the sponges serve as an amusing, and significantly less painful, version of the traditional dodgeball.

Running through the Sprinkler: Of course, on a sweltering South African summer’s day, there is sometimes nothing as cool (pun intended) as running through a sprinkler. Great for the little ones, but bigger kids will probably still give it a go too.

Creative Activities

Flower Crowns: All the rage with tweens and teens at the moment, making flower crowns is a creative, uber popular way in which to entertain slightly older kids. Just be prepared for the selfie photoshoot that will inevitably take place once the crowns are completed.

Making a Nature Collage: Younger kids love dirt, and they can get quite creative, so why not combine the two and allow them to scavenge the garden to create their own masterpieces? A3 sheets of paper and craft glue are all that’s required for this activity¬†¬† the kids need to find the rest of the materials on their own.

Paint like Jackson Pollock: Spread out an old white sheet on the lawn, hand the kids a couple of tubs of water soluble paint (so that the paint can be washed from their clothing, otherwise put them in their bathing suits) and paint brushes and let them go mad. You may even want to get in on the action yourself.

Insofar as keeping the kids fed is concerned, hot dogs and ice cream treats are probably your best bet for a hot summer’s day. On a final note, be sure to record the day’s festivities. Who knows, you may end up with a viral video on your hands, and even if you do not, kids videos are great to watch back when your children are somewhat older.