Housekeeping is, by definition, a chore but you can make it easier on yourself. For when you simply do not have much time, the following quick and simple housekeeping and cleaning tips and tricks are sure to make your life easier.

Bedroom Cleaning
Do a quick ‘clean sweep’ of the room, stripping the bed and stashing all loose surface items inside nearby cupboards and drawers. Using a microfiber cloth, make your way around the room, dusting all surfaces (NB: the microfiber cloth means that you will be able to dust surfaces in one fell swoop, without doubling back or leaving dust behind). Make the bed. Thereafter, starting at the end of the room farthest away from the door, work your way out of the room with the vacuum cleaner. Have whoever’s bedroom it is return loose items to surfaces later.

Lounge Cleaning
Once again, do a quick ‘clean sweep’, clearing clutter, and dust your way around the room with a microfiber cloth. For wooden and glass surfaces, a clean microfiber cloth (you will need several for your cleaning endeavours) and wood polish and glass cleaner respectively are your best friends do not bother with time consuming wiping and polishing. Again, to end, work your way out of the door with the vacuum cleaner.

Kitchen Cleaning
Repeat the ‘clean sweep’ technique, placing all dirty dishes in the dishwasher or sink, and food and clean dishes in cupboards. If you have a number of appliances and other items that ‘live’ on the countertops, place all of these on the dining table to clear surfaces for cleaning. Do a quick scan of all surfaces, noting dried spillages and other difficult to remove gunk, and pre treat such by spraying with high power chemical cleaner do not wipe yet. Empty the bin and spray with a deodorizer before lining with a new bin bag. Wet a cloth with a little bit of water and an all purpose cleaner and work your way around the room, wiping all surfaces vigorously (the dried on gunk should have softened by now, thanks to the pre treatment) and giving appliances a once over as well. With a clean, damp microfiber cloth, wipe appliances and other items placed on the dining table and return to countertops, then run the cloth over the table. Use a broom to sweep towards the door, and then repeat with a damp microfiber mop.

Bathroom Cleaning
Tackle the toilet first, dousing with thick bleach cleaner, but neither scrubbing nor flushing. Spritz the sink, vanity cabinet, shower and bathtub with an all purpose cleaner do not wipe. Gather up dirty towels and bath mats and put them in the laundry. With a plastic grocery bag in tow, empty the bin and pick up the empty toilet paper rolls that always seem to find their way to the back of the toilet. Return to the toilet, giving it a good scrub with a toilet brush and then flushing. Work from the sink and vanity cabinet to the shower and bathtub (order is important here, as the former are usually somewhat cleaner than the latter), wiping thoroughly with a damp microfiber cloth. Lastly, make your way towards the door with the damp microfiber mop.