Although it’s pretty much a guessing game on how the weather will be this weekend, a lot of people will most likely choose to stay home. Wouldn’t that be boring? Well, it does not have to be. Family, friends and neighbors can still bond, have fun and sneak in some fitness activities despite staying in close proximity to their homes.

Go Have a Pool Party!
Hot and humid weather + pool + people = fun. Easy equation to understand. A dip in the pool can certainly be a refreshing. A smart way to add some fitness is to play pool games. A swimming race can promote a whole body workout. A treasure hunt asking participants to search for a specific item on the pool bottom exercises the participants’ lungs since they will need to dive and search the pool. And yes, put a net across the pool and you can play water volleyball. If you want to have a more intimate bonding time, keep the pool activities within the family. Either way, it will be a fun.

Okay, so not everybody has a pool in their home or villa. So what now? Well you can always improvise. Inflatable pools are available in sports and online shops. Just purchase a big one or two if you really have space and problem solved. You don’t even need to get out of the house since online shops can deliver it right in front of your doorstep.

Cook Together
Cooking together is a great family activity, especially for kids. Besides bonding, it’s a great way to teach kids responsibility. Also, it’s a subtle way to teach them healthy eating. And who knows? You might discover that you have a little chef in the family.

If family and friends already know how to cook, then have a ‘cook off’. Decide on a theme or a signature dish and cook away. You can do it individually or by teams. Choose a judge or judges, so someone will make an official decision on whose dish is the best. In truth though, everyone wins because not only will everyone bond, they will be full and burping when it’s all over.

Get Fit With the Kids
Obviously, kids love playing. Exercising? Not much. Unless you introduce it in a playful way. Teach your kids light exercises like running in place and jumping jacks. Make it fun. Be creative (ever teach kids basic Yoga?). Besides the bonding, you and kids will get fit.

Have a Barbeque
Speaking of cooking, here’s a summer activity which will never get old barbecue! Just the sweet smell of cooking meat especially if done in coals (forget about the electric griller) can liven up the summer. Add some wood chips to the coal to give it a distinct flavor and aroma. But meats are not the only ones you can grill. Brush olive oil on vegetable slices like carrots, zucchini, tomatoes, and sprinkle some spices and they are good to go. Put some corn on the griller too. Grilling is a healthy way to cook food, mind you.

Go Old School
Fight the urge to just grab your smartphone and tablet and play all day. Instead, play the old school way. Play board games like Scrabble or Monopoly with family and friends. This way, you get actual interaction from your family and friends. You also might learn a thing or two. You can even play charades the game where a person acts out a specific word and everyone guesses.

See? You may have limited options, but it doesn’t mean your weekend won’t be awesome.

Longing for a holiday, it’s in human nature. Because a holiday is a day of supreme relaxation and enjoyment, it can be different for the different individual depending upon their age and lifestyle. For corporate workers, it means time off from the daily chorus. For students, it’s a day away from studies. For housewives, there is usually no holiday from their daily routine work, but if they do manage to get one, then they do some shopping on the day of the holiday.

Sunday, a public holiday worldwide enables the people to spend some time with their family and the society. Every country has its own holiday calendar for a year, considering the religious sentiment, cultural and regional aspect of the society. In addition to this, the government also declares holidays for its citizen to show and celebrate their patriotism. The country with most holidays in a calendar year is Austria and Malta with 38 holidays in a year, followed by Poland and Britain.

There are a number of benefits of a holiday in a human’s life and some of them listed below :

– On holiday, we get some more time to be social with our friends and relatives.
– We get enough time to clean our house or room.
– Holiday enables a person to have a fair discussion with his family, over their future plans.
– Holiday enables a society to spend their festivals with joy and happiness.
– Holiday, gives some time to a person perhaps to engage in social services like cleaning the locality, social gatherings etc.
– Holiday is essential for the salaried workers to relieve themselves from continuous work and load.
– Holidays are also beneficial for the environment. As the energy conservation on this very day is high because businesses do not operate on this day.

However, continuous and long holidays are found to have some cons for the society and some of them are listed below :
– The Productivity of a company suffers due to holidays.
– Essential services like hospitals, public transport, fire fighting etc. become paralyzed on the day of the holiday, due to lack of staff.
– The government machinery comes to halt on holidays and ultimately the economy of the country suffers due to it.

As banks are closed on this day, there are chances of monetary crisis. However, Atm’s are there for the people, but many individuals, who still believe in the traditional way of banking.

Everybody is a bit of a dreamer! While thinking about the future, it becomes quite difficult to see it without you and your loved ones. However, death is something which is inevitable. In the event that you prepare in advance, then you can spare your close family a considerable measure of inconvenience and cost, although it won’t make your passing simpler, it won’t add any pointless burden and stress to the circumstance. A funeral arrangement is an extremely straightforward method for doing this.

Let’s discuss the things you need to ask the service provider before getting a funeral plan.

Ask Relevant Questions
There are a few queries which you ought to ask before you take out a funeral service arrangement. Many people are worried that whether their money will be safe in one of the plans, and what are the questions they should ask from the service providers. Have a look at some of the questions you need to ask:

– What will happen if the funeral director is not available?
– What will happen if a certain amount remains to be aid and the person who has taken the plan dies?
– What will happen if the individual, who has taken the funeral plan, dies abroad?

These enquiries are quite common and simple, and the service provider will assure you that your money is safe and secured.

Payment Should Be Simple
A major benefit of choosing an over 50s funeral plans or any other funeral plan is the process of easy payment. You can choose to pay the whole amount in a single go, or you can divide the amount and ay in monthly installments. You need to compare funeral plans offered by different service providers and find the one that suits your requirements. By comparing, you’ll be able to get the best funeral package easily.

Manage The Cost
While going through funeral plans, you’ll come to know that a funeral plan is a far better option compared to organizing a funeral. As the costs change all the time on account of inflation, the cost of funerals has been increasing significantly every year. There’s hardly any chance that they’ll get any less expensive in the future, and even the costs leveling out doesn’t appear to happen right now. Rather, a funeral plan implies that you can pay what burial/cremation cost at the time you get your plan. You’ll spare your family from inflated expenses, and you can sit back and relax knowing that all the arrangements have already been made.

Why You Should Get A Plan?
A cheap funeral plan is only a secure pre payment. It isn’t a dodgy scheme. A cheap funeral plan is all about investing your money in something which will remove the burden from your companion and family members in the future.

As a parent of young kids, you’ll know how difficult it can be to keep their busy minds amused, especially at birthday parties and especially when the cake and ice cream induced sugar highs kick in.

If you just so happen to be the host of one such party, remember: panic slowly, plan appropriately and impress the other parents by pulling out all the stops with these cool kids games!

Mind the monsters
This game is fun for everyone and pits the kids versus the adults. The only thing you’ll really need to play this game is a wide open space and your best monster impersonations. What you need to do is get all the kids to line up on one side and have two or more adults morph into monsters in the middle.

The objective of this game is for the kids to get to the other side of the area without being caught. If they’re caught, then they too become a monster and should behave accordingly. The remaining kids keep running back and forth until only one survivor remains.

The lava leap
Some of the best party games involve getting kids to use their imaginations and this one will definitely prove amusing.

In this game, you’ll want to litter a wide open area with pillows, duvets, blankets and other squishy things. Then, add a little drama and tell the kids that the floor is molten lava: the more convincing you are, the better they’ll respond.

Then, equip each kid with their own pillow to use as a bridge between the bigger islands. To win, the kids have to work together to get from one side of the room to the other without any casualties. If someone falls into the lava, they have to start over.

Move to the music
Similar to musical chairs, the objective of this game is to move to the music until the music stops. Then, depending on the age of the kids, they can either sit down as quickly as possible or freeze in position. The last dancer to freeze or sit down is eliminated until one little lad or lady is left.

Additional provisos can be included to maximize the amusement, such as freezing into the form of an animal, object or letter.

Water balloon pinatas
This game is great for those summer birthday parties where the kids and parents don’t mind getting a little drenched.

All you need to do is fill a bunch of balloons with water, string them up in the garden, give the kids a long, blunt object and let them swing for the fences. Continued adult supervision is recommended, however, as kids do tend to get carried away with the good ol’ pinata. And make sure you’ve got plenty of pinata replacements because the kids will surely enjoy this one.

No matter the age, season, or occasion, there are numerous ways to keep the kids amused. All it takes is a little bit of imagination and some elbow grease.

Housekeeping is, by definition, a chore but you can make it easier on yourself. For when you simply do not have much time, the following quick and simple housekeeping and cleaning tips and tricks are sure to make your life easier.

Bedroom Cleaning
Do a quick ‘clean sweep’ of the room, stripping the bed and stashing all loose surface items inside nearby cupboards and drawers. Using a microfiber cloth, make your way around the room, dusting all surfaces (NB: the microfiber cloth means that you will be able to dust surfaces in one fell swoop, without doubling back or leaving dust behind). Make the bed. Thereafter, starting at the end of the room farthest away from the door, work your way out of the room with the vacuum cleaner. Have whoever’s bedroom it is return loose items to surfaces later.

Lounge Cleaning
Once again, do a quick ‘clean sweep’, clearing clutter, and dust your way around the room with a microfiber cloth. For wooden and glass surfaces, a clean microfiber cloth (you will need several for your cleaning endeavours) and wood polish and glass cleaner respectively are your best friends do not bother with time consuming wiping and polishing. Again, to end, work your way out of the door with the vacuum cleaner.

Kitchen Cleaning
Repeat the ‘clean sweep’ technique, placing all dirty dishes in the dishwasher or sink, and food and clean dishes in cupboards. If you have a number of appliances and other items that ‘live’ on the countertops, place all of these on the dining table to clear surfaces for cleaning. Do a quick scan of all surfaces, noting dried spillages and other difficult to remove gunk, and pre treat such by spraying with high power chemical cleaner do not wipe yet. Empty the bin and spray with a deodorizer before lining with a new bin bag. Wet a cloth with a little bit of water and an all purpose cleaner and work your way around the room, wiping all surfaces vigorously (the dried on gunk should have softened by now, thanks to the pre treatment) and giving appliances a once over as well. With a clean, damp microfiber cloth, wipe appliances and other items placed on the dining table and return to countertops, then run the cloth over the table. Use a broom to sweep towards the door, and then repeat with a damp microfiber mop.

Bathroom Cleaning
Tackle the toilet first, dousing with thick bleach cleaner, but neither scrubbing nor flushing. Spritz the sink, vanity cabinet, shower and bathtub with an all purpose cleaner do not wipe. Gather up dirty towels and bath mats and put them in the laundry. With a plastic grocery bag in tow, empty the bin and pick up the empty toilet paper rolls that always seem to find their way to the back of the toilet. Return to the toilet, giving it a good scrub with a toilet brush and then flushing. Work from the sink and vanity cabinet to the shower and bathtub (order is important here, as the former are usually somewhat cleaner than the latter), wiping thoroughly with a damp microfiber cloth. Lastly, make your way towards the door with the damp microfiber mop.

all that you need for your weddingPlanning a wedding can be a tiresome task. Here is wedding planning checklist that will help you to plan the big day in a meticulous manner.

From choosing the venue to purchasing the bridal gown, everything related to the wedding must be perfect. Remember that your big day should be one worth remembering. However, before you proceed with your checklist, you should plan some things properly, so that even the preparation stage is memorable.

Choosing the Date

When it comes to wedding preparations, the very first thing to be decided is the date. The weather and the mood have an undeniably great impact on your wedding. If you want a spring wedding, April is ideal with the warm sunshine and beautiful blooms. Some people avoid March, as the weather is not predictable during this time.

Early summer is one of the favorite seasons for wedding. Usually, June has the most predictable weather. Roses bloom the loveliest in June. The downside of a June wedding could be the rising prices. The month of June is great for those couples who really want a summer wedding. However, late summer is usually avoided, due to the soaring temperature. A fall wedding during September or October is considered ideal. The weather is crisp and mild. Luring your relatives to attend the wedding would be easy. One advantage of wedding in the fall is that the honeymoon sites are less crowded. You may face shortage of flowers during this season.

Very few people want to get married during winter, due to the cold weather and snow. However, most of the popular venues are available during this season. According to folklore, getting married on the last day of the year would make the couple lucky. It is also said that, January is a fruitful month for the couple. Note that February is the most romantic month, as we celebrate Valentine’s Day during this time. So there are enough reasons to hold your wedding during this season.

Wedding Budget

Once you fix the date, plan how much you are going to spend for your wedding. Many couples are shocked when they learn that the average cost of a wedding is around $28,000. You can lower the cost in many ways. You must categorize the requirements into three segments   must have, optional and nice to have. While must haves are unavoidable, think twice before spending money for optional things. You may avoid those in the ‘nice to have’ category.

Search the Internet: The Internet is a helpful tool for everyone. All you need to do is a proper search. You will come across several websites that offer quality products and services. While some sites provide wedding check lists, others provide information about the venues, discounts on bridal mall, wedding gifts, and accessories. Some sites provide useful links to businesses that cater to your wedding needs.

Choosing the Venue

Choosing a perfect wedding site is fun. The bride and the groom should brainstorm before selecting the right place. Consider your budget, the wedding theme, the atmosphere for the wedding, and the interests of the couple as well as the guests. The following are some of the ideal options.

– Home. A do it yourself special wedding
– Auditorium
– Beach. This may need license or permit
– Rented Halls
– Patio or Garden. A do it yourself wedding
– Rented Mansions
– Rented Ranches
– Hotel, Ballrooms, Grounds, Gardens. full service
– Convention, Conference Centers. Some offer full service, others are on rental basis

In case of full service, they handle everything, including the smallest details of your wedding. However, you still have to attend to personal things. You have to take care of the attire, wedding accessories, wedding gifts, family and wedding attendants. If you go for a rental basis venue, they offer no services or only a few of them. Most of the time, such wedding sites provide tables, chairs, linens, tableware, glassware, and flatware.

Floral Designers, Musicians/Entertainers

You must remember that flowers are almost unavoidable in a wedding. They add fragrance and beauty to every occasion, especially weddings. You need to choose the season of the wedding, the day and time of the wedding, the theme and colors, shop for flowers, and check with the decoration specialist as early as possible. Flowers should be arranged in coordination with other components. You may use the bridesmaids’ bouquets as centerpieces at the reception. This way, you can save some money. You may also seek the help of students from the nearby flower design schools.

The right wedding music sets the mood and creates the ambience. You have to shortlist at least three music brands. Choose the song you want to be played when you walk down the aisle, and the songs for entertaining the guests while you are busy with photographers. The music providers should be identified as early as possible.

In short, wedding planning is not very easy, and it requires lots of efforts. Right from fixing the date and venue, even minute details have to be taken into consideration.

all you need to know for wedding preparationWedding is one of a beautiful events in everybody’s life. However,  planning for the same can be quite hassling. Therefore, this article gives you some simple wedding planning and preparation tips.

There are a million things to be looked after at a wedding. You have the guest list to prepare, caterers to choose, wedding gown to select, etc. Sounds like quite a muddle, isn’t it? However, since this is a beautiful event, it is important that all the arrangements be extremely perfect. On that note, this article contains some wedding planning and preparation tips, which will make your marriage a memorable one and also reduce your hassle to a great extent.

List of Tips

– Remember that you do not need to invite your co workers. If there is someone you are close to, it is something else, but inviting 100 people from the office is just a waste of your money on the invitations, because only the ones that you are close to will come anyway.
– The first step is deciding how much money you are going to spend, and make a budget. When planning the budget, allow 25% more for extras that you haven’t planned for.
– Order the invitations four months in advance. Invitations should be mailed four to six weeks in advance. Take the invitations to the post office to be weighted for sufficient postage.
– On the D-day, bring along an emergency kit with a needle and thread, safety pins, hairpins, hairspray, nail polish, and extra pantyhose.
– Start shopping for the dress six months in advance. You will need several fittings before it is perfect.
– Do your hair and makeup before putting on your dress.
– Plan your honeymoon six months in advance. Make all arrangements and reservations well in advance.
– If your budget is small, share your joy and happiness with only family and your closest friends.
– When selecting a caterer, try to sample their food before hiring them. If it is a restaurant, go there to have dinner before you hire them.
– Invitations should always be addressed by pen, preferably a black fountain pen.
– Plan your budget first. The rest you can fit into that budget.
– If you and your significant other have a disagreement, work it out without involving either set of parents.
– When shopping for your dress, state your price range at the beginning.
– Remember to always send a “Thank you” note for all the gifts you receive.
– When choosing a date, take your guests into consideration. Avoid family birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Also, think about those who will be traveling.
– View his or her photographs to see if you like their style of photography. If you do, book as early as possible.
– Planning a wedding takes a lot of time. If you don’t have the time, hire a wedding consultant.
– When you are meeting with a florist for the flowers, know what your budget will be and the colors you have chosen.
– Eat something before your wedding. Even though you might not feel hungry, try to swallow just a few bites. You don’t want to faint on your big day.
– Make detailed photocopies of your wedding day schedule beginning that morning and continuing until your departure for your honeymoon. Give copies of the schedule to all parents as well as everyone in the party.
– Don’t hesitate to ask family and friends to help with preparations. Choose the appropriate task for the person you are asking.

I hope the above mentioned tips will help you prepare well for your big day. All the best.