Bacteria can be found everywhere and therefore it is important to keep your family safe from germs that can contaminate your home and cause nasty infections. Keeping your home germ free will protect your loved ones, minimize the risk of infections, and ensure that your family stays healthy. This does not mean that you have to live in a sterile environment. However, good home cleaning is essential for preventing the spread of bacteria that do not only cause unpleasant smells, but also illnesses.

Germs can survive for long periods of time, up to 48 hours, on surfaces around your home. That is why it is so important to keep household surfaces, door handles and floors, and objects that we often come into contact with free of germs by disinfecting them on a regular basis.

Bathrooms and kitchens are the two areas within your home where germs can spread the fastest, and where extra caution must be taken in terms of sanitation and germ protection.

Kitchen Hygiene
It is important that you clean surfaces and door handles daily by using a disinfectant. Make sure that your sink is always spotless and germ free as bacteria can easily transfer onto your food, dishes, tea towels and kitchen cloths. Don’t just rinse the sink, sanitize it properly by using bleach or a disinfectant. Wash your hands before preparing meals with a good sanitizer to prevent germs from spreading, and wash food, especially vegetables and meat, before you start preparing a meal. Soak your kitchen sponges, tea towels and dishcloths in bleach to kill germs, and change them regularly. Never leave dirty dishes standing for too long, and wipe surfaces clean directly after accidental spills, before food preparation and directly after meals. Clean out the kitchen dustbin daily and disinfect the inside of the dustbin with bleach. Also make sure that your fridge is cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis.

Bathroom Hygiene
Disinfect all surfaces in the bathroom, especially the toilet. After you use the toilet brush, rinse it properly and dry it before you store it away. Always clean baths, showers, basins and toilets with a disinfectant to ensure optimal germ protection, and keep all surfaces as dry as possible, as germs breed easily in damp. Keep your bathroom dry to prevent mould and mildew from forming, as it is a breeding ground for germs that can be harmful to you and your family. Wet bath mats are the ideal places on which germs can thrive. Wash bath mats weekly and put them out in the sun to dry. Store toothbrushes in a bathroom cupboard as water can splash on them and contaminate them, and never share personal items such as toothbrushes, towels and face cloths with other members of the family. Finally, be sure to always wash your hands after using the toilet.

Proper hygiene and a germ free environment are essential to your baby’s health. Taking good care of your new infant’s laundry is important to ensure that your baby stays healthy and happy. So, the question is, is it safe to use fabric softener on your little one’s clothes? You have to keep in mind that your baby’s skin is very sensitive and that it is common for them to get skin allergies that can be caused by the ingredients in laundry detergents and softeners. Even a minor skin allergy will make your little one feel uncomfortable. Avoid any detergents or softeners that can be harmful. Avoid detergents and baby fabric softener that use perfumes or dyes. Rinse your baby’s clothes thoroughly to ensure that no residue is left. If your baby has allergies, you can rinse baby clothes twice to ensure that all of the detergent has been washed out completely. Keep in mind that liquid fabric detergents and liquid fabric softeners are easier to rinse out than powder detergents or detergents that also include softener.

As with detergents, fabric softeners can irritate your baby’s skin. You can use a baby safe fabric softener on clothes that is safe for your baby’s skin, but a fragrance free or dye free fabric softener, that you can use for the whole family, is a much better choice. Wash your family’s laundry in the same detergent and softener that you use for your baby’s clothes. You have to keep in mind that your baby comes into contact with you and your family’s clothes as well, so it is important that all clothes are washed in a detergent and softener that are safe for your little one.

All baby clothes should be washed before use as germs and harmful chemicals in the fabric can cause diseases and skin allergies. Buy a mesh bag for all those tiny items that tend to get lost in the wash, such as socks, booties and mittens. Fasten all of the buttons and clips and turn all garments inside out to avoid the clothes getting damaged in the wash. Read the labels on baby clothes carefully and follow the instructions. Wash the clothes in cold or luke warm water as hot water is harsher on fabrics and can cause clothing to shrink. Many mothers hang baby clothes inside to avoid sun damage, but hanging baby clothes outside in the sun also helps to get rid of germs and improves the smell. However, don’t leave them on the washing line too long as the sun can also damage the fabric and cause the colors to fade.

There is also a belief that it is better to dry baby clothes in a drier as the heat will sanitize the clothes. Whatever drying method you swear by, always ensure that baby’s clothes are properly dry before folding and packing them away, as germs can breed in moist clothing.

Being a new parent can be intimidating, but it need not be. With a wealth of information pertaining to baby care out there, we narrow down the top tips for feeding, bathing and laundry care.

Feeding – From Breast to Bottle

Breastfeeding is, as put forth by a great many doctors and baby care experts, the best way in which to feed your baby for the first few months of his or her life. Breastmilk is the most nutritious option for baby and the act of breastfeeding allows mom to form a bond with her little one right from the start.

With that said, there are instances or occasions when bottle feeding may be preferable. In order to spread out nightly feedings between mom and dad, mom can express breast milk for dad to feed to baby when it is his turn to heed the little one’s cry. When baby gets older, infant formula may be introduced. If he / she is to be taken to daycare in the near future, parents may want to get him / her used to bottle feeding at home first.

Whatever your reason is for reaching for the bottle, healthcare authorities recommend the following to keep your baby safe and healthy:

– Choose the Right Bottle: You will require several bottles and teats for bottle feeding and, whilst no bottle or teat type is necessarily superior to another, you should opt for the simplest bottle shape on the market. Hygiene is of the utmost importance when it comes to baby feeding and some of the ‘cuter’ bottles tend to have nooks and crannies that can be difficult to reach when cleaning and thus harbour harmful germs.
– Sterilize the Bottle: Remember to buy sterilizing equipment and ensure that the bottle and teat are sterilized before each and every feed.
– Position Baby Comfortably and Upright for Feeding: Be sure to support baby’s head so that he or she can breathe and swallow comfortably.
– Maintain Eye Contact and Enjoy the Moment: Allow plenty of time for feeding, think of feeding time as a time to bond with baby.
– Keep the Teat Full and Wind Baby if Necessary: Keep the teat full of milk or formula to avoid having your little one suck in air. If he / she does seem to stop sucking with some feed left in the bottle, hold him or her upright and gently rub his or her back to bring up possible wind.

Bathing – Safety First

Bathing can, once again, be an excellent time for parents to bond with the new addition to the family. Experts recommend the following tips for keeping infants safe and comfortable:

– Constant Presence: Do not, under any circumstances, leave him / her alone in the bath for even a second.
– Temperature: Test the water temperature with your wrist. When in doubt, opt for lukewarm-babies and toddlers tend to prefer a cooler bath than most adults do.
– Not Too Deep: The fill level of the tub should be no more than 10 cm, aim for between 5 and 10 cm.
– Use a Mild Soap/Shampoo: Only use soap and/or shampoo designed for infants. If his / her skin is sensitive, you can wash him or her with plain water as well, just be sure to clean skin folds properly.

Laundry Care – Cut Detergent by Half and Choose Fabric Softener Wisely

Insofar as washing baby’s clothes and bedding is concerned, you should halve the amount of detergent that you would normally use to wash a similar load of your own washing. In fact, you can even cut the ‘dosage’ by ¾. If you are concerned about baby’s clothes and bedding not being cleaned properly, simply wash in hot water. Also remember that there is a difference between fabric softener and laundry detergent. In simplest terms, detergent simply washes laundry, whilst fabric softener conditions it. In order to keep baby’s laundry as soft as possible, you may thus want to opt for a good quality baby fabric softener. Be sure to look for a fabric softener specifically intended for baby, and check the label to ensure that the product has been dermatologically tested to indeed be mild and suitable for infants.

Summer is has arrived. This means more family bonding time. For many families, a trip to the mall is the likely destination. However, you can take family bonding to another level a healthier level. Here are suggestions on how to turn family bonding time to fitness time.

Hello Outdoors!

Forget about the malls, there are so many places you can go to and so many things to do than just hang around the shopping mall. Families can bike together. Parents can teach their kids how to ride a bicycle, or take them out for a ride. A pit stop at a beach for a refreshing swim (another great fitness activity) can help soothe summer’s heat.

Have you been to a park near you lately? It’s a perfect place to play catch or football with your kids. Even a healthy run and kids love to run, they’re like cheetah cubs can be a fit family activity.

Another activity is kite flying. You can either buy a kite or make it from scratch. Either way, make assembling the kite a family activity and take turns flying it in a park or near the beach.

Playgrounds are something that has been lost because of digital games. So if you find one, encourage your kids to discover the joys of having fun in a playground.

As you bond and have a great time outdoors, just remember that your kids should wear the right clothes and footwear. Light clothes will prevent them from feeling uncomfortable because of the sweat. Lightweight but footwear tough with good support will protect their feet no matter how active they are. Although shoes are a common choice, try sandals and slippers for a more refreshing experience. If you’re not familiar with good sandals for children, try Lotto kids sandals. The brand offers sandals which is readily available at online shops.

Hello Home!

Let’s say you’re not able to have outdoor plans for some reason. Don’t worry there’s plenty of worthwhile things to do inside your home or in your backyard.

Chore Tag Team. No doubt, parents love it when kids do their chores. Kids, of course, hate it. So hit a compromise by doing chores with your kids. For example, cleaning isn’t really fun. But when you clean together, not only will you get to bond but burn calories as well. Make it a contest too. Who makes the floor shine more? Who raked the most leaves? Even the simplest chores can be fun when done with family.

Backyard Bonding. Because of gadgets and the Internet, kids have forgotten how awesome the backyard is. The backyard, as well as the space between your house and fence can be magical if you know how to use it. Play tag, catch or put an inflatable pool and go swimming. You can make an obstacle course by using recyclable materials. Have you ever made your own castle without using sand? Use boxes and other discarded materials you find around the house. Just carrying the boxes out and looking for materials can make your kids more active. The great thing about being stuck at home is kids get to use their imagination to make use since there are limited options.

Barbeque! Although it won’t be much in terms of physical activity. A barbeque is a great bonding activity for the family. Not only will you be able to teach kids how to grill, but show them healthy foods. Have you ever tried grilled vegetables? That could be something different for your kids. Want to really surprise them? Grilled dessert. Grilled pineapples are a lot sweeter because the natural sugars are caramelized. Try other fruits as well. This will get your kids minds off ice creams and other sweets.

Whether it’s indoor or outdoor though, make the most of the time spent with your family. There’s nothing better than a fit and happy family.

At a young age, your child gets their habits from their parents. So if you teach them a lot of good things, they can learn to make it a significant part of their lives, and maybe even carry it on when they’re adults. And one of the best things you can teach your child is to take care of their health, eat healthy and stay fit. What’s the best way to teach kids about fitness?

Make food fun
One of the most difficult things to do is to teach children how to eat healthy. You rarely see a child choose vegetables over mac and cheese, right? What the best thing to do? Make food fun. Thrown in some carrots and broccoli in the mac and cheese. Make cute and fun food designs combining their favorite and healthy foods. How about a lunch that look like a panda? Or a meal which look like the logo of their favorite superhero? That way, they’ll know that healthy food isn’t boring and eating it does not have to be a task. Furthermore, encourage them to drink more water, regardless if they are active or not.

Be clever with fitness
Fitness activities do not have to seem like boot camp for kids. It should feel as normal, and as fun, as possible. So be clever with fitness. Take your kids outside and teach them how to jump rope. Play catch or tag, Frisbee or even a sport. Kids will get fit while having fun in the process, they also look forward to the next play session.

Forget about technology
It’s not just adults who have a fixation for technology, television, the Internet and social media, kids are also being influenced. Although technology has certainly made our lives easier, it has made a lot of people less active physically. And kids can pick up on that even at an early age. Make it a point to turn off digital devices like tablets, computers, smartphones and television and encourage children to play and explore.

Do it as a family
Bonding time isn’t just about going to the mall or watching movies. It can be about being fit. How about biking together? Running or brisk walking on the park? Being with family makes the activity more fun for children. Don’t be surprised if they start to look forward to more family activities. After all, kids crave structure and bonding moments.

Get them new gear
Kids get excited when they have new stuff. It makes them curious. It makes them more acceptable to new things. Nowadays, even big brands like Reebok, have shoes and clothes for kids who want to engage in sports or be active. The kiddie gears have the same benefits as its adult counterparts, so you know children are taken care of. The funky designs and colors also appeal to children. You can check out a Reebok shop online if you want to know more.

Encourage your kids to join events in school
Schools offer a lot of sports and activities which help kids to be more active. Encourage your kids to join and support them as they participate. Also, look for neighborhood activities your children can participate in.

Be a role model
The best way to teach kids about fitness is by being a role model. Show your kids how you enjoy being fit. Show them you’re eating the healthy foods which you’re suggesting to them. Children learn not just by experience but from the important people in their lives. So if they see how significant fitness is, they will be more encouraged to participate. Be a role model for your kids to emulate.

Finally, be supportive, positive and patient. You can’t force your kids to eat healthy or enjoy exercise. Otherwise, they will learn to dislike the idea.

When it comes to family entertainment in Washington, DC, any parent will attest to the fact that it has to entail something that excites kids as well as adults. Certainly the nation’s capital has no shortage of war museums and memorials, art museums and galleries, as well as many historical sites. However, if the children are going to be entertained, which makes it much more plausible that the parents will enjoy their time, then most of those choices are probably not going to be an option. Instead, the focus should be on castles, space travel, a zoo and even a monument or two. Now we’re talking fun for the whole family.

Wait! There are castles in Washington, DC? Well, there is one castle and it serves as the information center for the Smithsonian museums and the admission to “The Castle,” as it’s called, is free. There are two orientation theaters, interactive touch screens in six languages, electronic maps, and scale models. Constructed in 1855, the Castle was the original Smithsonian museum building, housing all Smithsonian operations, research and administration, lecture and exhibit halls, the library and reading room, laboratories, storage areas for specimens, and living quarters for the museum’s Secretary and family, as well as visiting scientists. Later, in 1881, the current Arts and Industries Building opened next to the Castle and would come to house most of the museum’s collections at that time.

The Smithsonian Institution was actually established some years earlier with a donation from James Smithson, a British scientist who lived from 1765 1829 and who left his estate to the United States to found “at Washington, under the name of the Smithsonian Institution, an establishment for the increase and diffusion of knowledge.” President James K. Polk signed an Act of Congress on August 10, 1846, establishing the Smithsonian Institution. Since then, the Smithsonian has grown to become the world’s largest museum and research complex, consisting of 19 museums, the National Zoo, and 9 research facilities. So, why stop at visiting the Castle? Why not continue on to all that the Smithsonian has to offer, which certainly will keep the family entertained for days, if not weeks.

For starters, the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum has the world’s largest collection of aviation and space artifacts available in one place and it encompasses every aspect of human flight, from Kitty Hawk to the moon. Having opened in 1976, there are exhibitions on aviation, space exploration, and planetary science, with programs featuring educational activities and performances that reflect the American spirit, innovation, and courage in the history, science, and technology of flight. The museum is also home to the Center for Earth and Planetary Studies, the scientific research unit within the museum.

After spending a day or two at the National Air and Space Museum, the family can head over to The National Museum of Natural History that was made famous in the movie Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian, which also featured the National Air and Space Museum. Parents might want to watch the movie in the hotel room as a motivator to visit the actual location. Opened in 1910, the museum houses our national collections and is by far the world’s most notable museum and research complex in the world. The main building is located on the National Mall and contains 325,000 square feet of exhibition and public space featuring more than 126 million natural science specimens and cultural artifacts, including 30 million insects, 4½ million plants, 7 million fish, and 2 million cultural artifacts, just to name a few.

Only 17 more museums and a zoo to visit! As you can see, just the Smithsonian alone offers enough activities and family entertainment in Washington, DC, without ever stepping foot in the White House or the Capitol Building.

There isn’t reason to wait until retiring to dwell in your own dream place. Start thinking about this alternative variety of accommodation at this moment, and get your idyllic retreat.

10 Details people delight in most related to log your home living

1. A lumber home may be a retreat
A favourable escape within the accelerated city sprawl stands out as the rustic idyll associated with a log your home. Indeed, the majority of them are located off from crowded urban areas and suggest to a peaceful retreat within the buzzy cities with the questionable air quality that city dwellers have cultivated accustomed that will. To possibilities a longer summer afternoon or, for that matter any daytime with amazing weather, they usually are equipped utilizing porches. This outside area of the house is designed for relaxing or simply having liquids with mates while undertaking long scintillating conversations.

2. Real wood houses happen to be eco friendly
The environmental benefits for log your home lodging happen to be numerous. In actual fact, they are usually praised mainly because energy efficient possibilities to old fashioned stucco and cement real estate. The deep wood gives you substantial insulation to have residents toasty through winter together with comfortably cool through summer. From a time when lots of individuals are hoping to lower your energy charge, living from a log home can prove to be very easy on the pocket. Furthermore, these houses are fashioned with sustainable setting up material available, wood. From any forest to your house, the logs that will be used wouldn’t have as a lot of a negative relation to the conditions as many other common setting up materials which include bricks, mortar or simply steel.

3. Stay all over nature while from home
For any hippie inside every one of us, a lumber home is designed with a oneness utilizing nature incomparable into the alienating modernity within the city. Were all around by verdant forests, mountain range, and other aspects nature, one acquires an admiration for wholesome natural charm. The interior associated with a log your home is greatly inspired by just its all natural surroundings. With piece of rock fixtures which include fireplaces   commonplace during cabins   and intricately created wooden railings together with banisters, homeowners commune when using the wondrous uniqueness of aspect. These real estate have personalized and different interiors that will surprise prospects. Whether suits you a vaulted ceiling or simply a wraparound following story base, you have a great many options you could use.

4. Truly feel invited
A lumber home is certainly notorious ready for its inviting comfort. Lavish beast comforts abound in cabins, lay affordable a bearskin rug and it’s a wonderful complement towards a ruddy oak floor. Curl up by any fireplace at a plush chair or armchair and enjoy a common novel, you simply will not be disrupted by path noise or simply pesky others who live nearby, since your place is innately together with pleasantly soundproofed. Richly embroidered tapestries together with classical baroque furniture may not be oddities from a log your home. For any less theatrical property owner, modern chrome steel appliances together with granite countertops can be suitable for these sorts of residence.

5. Utilize the outdoors some people choose to stay during
For any social model, a real wood house stands out as the perfect location for that community grill or obtaining of mates. A frequent log your home is wrapped by just a vast together with ornate tent elevated up from the ground. It’s the perfect spot for the outdoor house or in ground spa. You will relax at a comfortable tent swing while watching the sunset in the outdoor paradise poker. A lumber home is actually a continuous vacation. Bask during the natural light within the high windows to your living room in your home or sunbathe over the balcony out of doors your living space.

6. Property that is certainly nicely emblazoned
Log real estate are renowned thus to their beautiful build. Architecture of them houses is certainly rich utilizing delicately created banisters together with hanging real wood supports that give your home a cushty, cozy becoming. Appreciate any wall hangings together with luxurious talent adorning an individual’s log your home. The traditional charm are usually augmented by just gorgeous extras that underline the earthy nature within the lodge, endorsed additions happen to be tapestries during rich pink velvet together with pristinely oiled sheep skin rugs.

7. A good wooden place smells superb
The wood from a log your home is strong and in the long term imbued utilizing rich earthy vibes. The scent associated with a log your home is irreversible. The alluring fragrance for fresh fire wood endows any cabin by using a natural coziness befitting a secondary home. No automotive air freshener or simply scented wax light can compare into the alluring nose of all natural wood. Pleasant scents are estimated to be calming, if ever the reality for living any dream from a beautiful all natural landscape is not really enough that will soothe everyone.

8. Good safety
These houses may not be a open fire hazard though which can seem counter intuitive. The circumference and durability within the logs refuse fire a very reliable strategy. An typical house is a lot more prone that will collapsing as a result of fire than the log your home, making any latter a good resilient accommodation option. If you are enclosed the next log home in a fire, it may well not get difficult to escape. The countless windows typically built into a home offer solution escape routes to make sure that your health and safety.

9. Maintenance is sort of easy
A properly constructed lumber home entails little care. Aside with treatments to forestall mould together with rot, a stain may very well be applied into the exterior within the cabin every so often, in minimal spot treatment plans, to take care of the colour within the wood. What is going on all you might want to keep your place in top shape for a few years if possibly not generations.

10. You can expect to impress friends
There is nothing beats a outdoor property barbecue to bring families together with friends alongside one another. What better option to spend a good summer morning than lazily sprawling over the front porch to your luxurious lumber home? Friends shall be envious to your laid back standard of living and soon end up yearning to your simple daily life. You will present everything: the peace of wide open space and also comfort associated with a modern respite off from the fast moving clamour within the city. The flats those you love reside during cannot do a comparison of.

School holidays are an exciting time of year for your kids, but they can also be an equally stressful few weeks for you. The reason being is that it doesn’t usually take your kids more than a few days to start complaining that they’re bored. Once they’ve watched every cartoon twice, played all of their video games and had all of their friends stay over, there isn’t much left for them to do, and you’ll be the first person to hear about it.

Your kids’ two to three weeks of freedom need not feel like a prison term for you, however, so the best solution would be to have a bunch of fun activities stashed up your sleeve in case of a boredom emergency. Here are some cool and unusual kids’ games and activities for you to try out when the next school holiday comes around.

Back garden camp out

One of the main gripes amongst the older generations is the amount of time kids spend indoors with their digital companions, especially during their holidays. An impromptu camp out in your back garden can easily solve this issue. So whenever your kids start to complain about boredom, (even with all of their gadgets and gizmos) just whip out the tents and marshmallows, put the smartphones away and set up camp outside.

Camping is a really good way in which to spend some quality time with your kids. So build your tents together, light a fire and roast some marshmallows, regardless of the time of day. And if you’re really brave and the weather permits, why not spend the night outside as well?

If you’re not a very outdoorsy family and don’t have tents (or a garden for that matter), don’t let that deter you. Just grab some blankets, brooms and couch cushions and use your imagination to create your own. Who doesn’t like building a fort?

Rainbow foam

This is a really fun activity for younger kids to get their hands into that basically entails filling a large tub with brightly coloured foam and letting the kids go wild.

All that you’ll need for this is some dishwashing liquid, water, liquid watercolours, a bowl and a mixer. In the bowl, add 2 tablespoons of dishwashing liquid and a 1/4 cup of water. Add the first of your liquid watercolours, then mix on the highest possible setting for 1 2 minutes. The foam should be able to hold its shape when moulded.

Once you have the correct consistency, scoop it out into your tub and repeat until you have the desired amount of foam and colours. Once you’re happy with your rainbow, let your kids have at it.

The not so bored games

If you’re pressed for time but still need something to amuse the kids, then go for a board game. There are many fun options available for any age at most toy stores, so take the kids along to pick what looks most amusing. Try a mixture of creative and logical games for maximum enjoyment.

It’s not too difficult keeping your kids entertained during the school holidays, so try out these different options and beat those boredom blues!

Bad odours around the home can negate any level of cleanliness or effort put into keeping your home neat and tidy. Just one whiff of an unpleasant stench is enough to curl toes and keep visitors away, so if you’re struggling with certain smells, then be sure to try out these odour removal tips for the different areas within your home.

In high traffic areas, like the lounge or bedrooms, carpets absorb all of the delightful smells from our shoes, pets, children and spills which all contribute to the bad odours that develop over time. If left unchecked, these odours can worsen, even with regular vacuuming.

Thankfully though, there are a few carpet cleaning methods that will help to minimize and eliminate these smells. Here is a good anti odour carpet cleaning routine to follow:

– The day before vacuuming, sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda over your carpets and leave it there overnight. This will help to work out any odours and dirt.
– The following day, vacuum up the baking soda and give the carpets a good clean.
– Aside from vacuuming, you should also wash your carpets regularly with decent carpet cleaner or white vinegar to eliminate smells.
– Once you’ve done that, be sure to open all of the doors and air out your home to eliminate any remaining odours.
– For a pleasant, post clean aroma, spritz your carpets with lavender or citrus scent to keep the rooms smelling fresh and clean.

Kitchen sink
With all of the grease, bits of food and leftover liquids that find their way into the kitchen sink, it’s no surprise that the plumbing will eventually start to smell. If you’re having trouble with a stinky kitchen sink, then try out one of these methods to get rid of the odour.

– For mild odours, the simplest solution is boiling water. Whenever you’ve popped the kettle on for a cup of tea, pour the water that you don’t use down the drain. This will loosen any unpleasant build up and eliminate the smell.
– If, however, the smell stings your nostrils, then a tougher approach is required.
– Grab a cup of baking soda and 2 cups of vinegar and mix it together.
– Pour the bubbling mixture down the drain and let it work on the pipes for 15 minutes.
– Then, pour some boiling water down the drain and the smell should be gone.
– Repeat once a month to keep the smell from returning.

Clothing can smell for a number of reasons, but you wouldn’t expect it to smell just after being washed. Unfortunately, that can sometimes be the case, and more often than not, the culprit of bad clothing odours is your washing machine.

Even though they spend their lives cleaning things, washing machines don’t clean themselves and the residual gunk from previous washes is what causes clothing to smell. Here’s how to clean your machine and, in turn, eliminate any unpleasant post wash clothing odours.

– If you own a front loader, simply remove the detergent drawer and soak it in hot water. Clean off any mould, rinse thoroughly and allow to dry before putting it back.
– Then, set your machine on a hot cycle and add a cup of white vinegar to the drum. This will help to sanitize your machine and remove any residue. Once the cycle is complete, open the door and air dry.
– Lastly, use a damp cloth to wipe away any residue around the rubber seals.

Is there anything quite like a weekend in the sunshine? A braai, a few ice cold beers and ciders, a couple of friends and their kids that’s the good life. If you are playing host or hostess for your friends and their kids for the day, or if you simply have a busybody or two of your own who you would like to get out into the sunshine, these outdoor summer kids games are sure to tickle the fancy of any kid.

Water Activities

A day at the beach or by the pool is, of course, the South African dream, but if you have access to neither, or would like to make the day a little bit more interesting, a fun water activity or two will break the heat and put a grin on the face of every child (and possibly every adult) in the vicinity.

Water Balloon Pinata: As easy as it sounds, you simply fill a couple of balloons with water, string them up, hand the kids a cricket or softball bat, and let them have at it (with supervision, of course).

How Low Can You Go: A fun variation on the old favourite, all that you need is a hose with a ‘spray gun’ attachment. The stream of water serves as the ‘pole’, with the object of the game being for kids to cross under the stream without getting wet the more the stream is lowered, the harder it will get, until a winner emerges.

Sponge Dodgeball: Pretty self explanatory, the sponges serve as an amusing, and significantly less painful, version of the traditional dodgeball.

Running through the Sprinkler: Of course, on a sweltering South African summer’s day, there is sometimes nothing as cool (pun intended) as running through a sprinkler. Great for the little ones, but bigger kids will probably still give it a go too.

Creative Activities

Flower Crowns: All the rage with tweens and teens at the moment, making flower crowns is a creative, uber popular way in which to entertain slightly older kids. Just be prepared for the selfie photoshoot that will inevitably take place once the crowns are completed.

Making a Nature Collage: Younger kids love dirt, and they can get quite creative, so why not combine the two and allow them to scavenge the garden to create their own masterpieces? A3 sheets of paper and craft glue are all that’s required for this activity   the kids need to find the rest of the materials on their own.

Paint like Jackson Pollock: Spread out an old white sheet on the lawn, hand the kids a couple of tubs of water soluble paint (so that the paint can be washed from their clothing, otherwise put them in their bathing suits) and paint brushes and let them go mad. You may even want to get in on the action yourself.

Insofar as keeping the kids fed is concerned, hot dogs and ice cream treats are probably your best bet for a hot summer’s day. On a final note, be sure to record the day’s festivities. Who knows, you may end up with a viral video on your hands, and even if you do not, kids videos are great to watch back when your children are somewhat older.